Captain Obvious

I love when Deadspin posts reader comments from espn.com. I'll copy that idea - I'm sure my buddy Will would approve - and let you take a gander at this gem from stevieg247:

Whatever shakes down, the Elite Eight is going to have some great contests.

Unfortunately I can't let it go at that. Here is stevieg's photo on his espn page:

Yeah softball guy! Nice job trying to bring back the Brett Hull half tucked jersey circa 1991. Even better, here is his greatest sports moment:

Dropping 7 Three-pointers and 28 points while playing point guard in a very competitive University of Delaware Intramural Basketball League my sophomore year of college.

I knew you could make dumb comments, but I had no idea you could make dumb myspace pages on espn too. This is stupid enough that we need to join in on the fun.

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