The 2008 St. Louis Cardinal Off-The-Field Problem Pool

Long gone are the days when your favorite St. Louis Cardinal player could get in trouble with the law and it would be swept under a rug by the media. In response to the recent wave of, uh, let's call it "non-baseball publicity" the Cardinals have received over the past year, we have decided to start our own Off-The-Field Problem Pool.

The "draft" will be 3 rounds - snake format. Each participant will select a member of the Cardinal organization each round. Whoever owns the first player that gets in trouble in an off-field incident is the winner of the pool. (Re-buys are allowed as long as everyone wants to do it)

Bertflex writer The Good Face came up with a great description of how the winner shall be determined:

I think we’re looking for anything that gets reported as a disturbance/law violation/extra-marital affair or pregnancy/etc. Basically, anything that brings shame upon the House of Cards qualifies, in my view. We’ll know it when we see it.

I'll go ahead and throw steroid/HGH allegations in there as well, like the Ankiel saga last year. If something like that comes up out of the blue, I think it qualifies as a winner. If there is a dispute, we can put it to a league vote.

Here is a recap of who is draft-eligible:

- the 25 man roster at the end of spring training, plus DL'd players
- coaches/trainers/bat boys
- dewitt, mozeliak, dewitt III, & luhnow (upper level office guys)
- announcers

No minor leaguers, office workers, or other staff.

To maintain the integrity of the league, there will be no other free agent adds or drops during the season. Once we begin drafting, no one else can sign up to be in the league. I know we're all about integrity 'round here.

Speaking of that, I am invoking a rule that is one of the best parts of the entire league: if you are the cause of the player's "incident" you will be awarded the money. If cash money is important enough to you to start a bar fight with Braden Looper, by all means, do it. Honestly, that would be awesome.

The draft begins on Wednesday to the 11 participants, all members or friends of the site. We will post the results after the draft in order for everyone to follow.

Here is the draft order:

1. DI
2. hazelwood's most wanted
3. robdogg
4. Hack
5. Big Head
6. Sir
7. Big Sandwich
8. maltliquorman
9. O'Doyle Rules
10. The Good Face
11. The Mad Librarian

EDIT 3/15: changed "lamping" to "dewitt III"

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