Yeah I'm a Dork, and I'll Fight You

This may be a shock to some of you, but I'm not much of a "reader." Don't get me wrong, I learned my lessons good at THE Hazelwood West High School and University Of Missouri-St. Louis, but I was never a literary junkie at either one.

Besides the books they made me read, and/or made me buy, I've only purchased one book in my lifetime that I intended to read for fun: a pro wrestling book. Awesome, I know. I am a huge fan of magazines and reading stuff on the internet, which pretty much confirms that I have a short attention span. What?

And there I was last week at Barnes & Noble, buying my second book ever: God Save the Fan, by Will Leitch of Deadspin fame. I read that Will was going to be speaking and signing at the St. Peters B&N on Valentine's Day, so I made preliminary plans to go out and see him (only if all my important plans fell through and none of my many beautiful girlfriends were available that night).

Lucky me, I got to meet Will. And kudos to him for saying that he remembered us. We have been featured in the blogdome a couple times in two years, so yeah, we're kind of a big deal.

It was a fun night, very entertaining, and you people with your "plans" and "life" can kiss my ass. Hanging out on Valentine's Day with a guy who writes a sports blog, with other people who write sports blogs is way better than whatever crap you did.

To top the night off, across the street from the Barnes & Noble was this. Victory.

And now we move on to my first visit to Champaign for the big hockey/boozin/degenerate weekend. I'll get to stand where prestigious Illini alums like Will Leitch and our very own Tony (Sir) have stood before. Quite an honor. If the courts allow me to speak about it, I'll post a recap on Monday.

[editor's note: This picture was found on Will's flickr page. It's actually in focus, not to mention that it features the Likes To Fight Guy look, which he stole from me, but it also has Will giving the Shock-and-Awe face, which is nice. I'm trying to figure out who Ray Romano had a kid with to produce Will Leitch. Add any suggestions in the comments. -sir]


sir said...

I love how you are looming menacingly behind the crowd in this pic: http://flickr.com/photos/deadspinleitch/2267237224/

You've always got to watch the quiet ones...

robdogg42000 said...

Funny, the guy sitting in front of you is John. He's my girlfriend's, best friend's, boyfriend. I told him about your blog and he said he'd read it. 9 readers now. I hope google can handle all that extra traffic.