Watch Yo Face Around Poofy

I promise not to post about stuff I saw on TMZ (the televised version) too often, but this was hard to pass up. Sean "Poofy" Combs is being sued by some guy who is upset because he got his ass kicked. And he uses the ol' Pellegrino court defense:

TMZ has obtained a declaration by Combs filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, explaining the incident (in Diddy's classic words), alleging that Gerald Rechnitzer "continued moving toward me and, without warning, lunged at me. Instinctively, I outstretched one of my hands, which hand was not closed-fisted, to shield myself ... any contact between Mr.Rechnitzer and myself was caused by his forward motion against my stationary open hand."

That's right, HIS FACE RAN INTO MY FIST. Phenominal!

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