Happy Pedro Alvarez Day!

College ain’t just about getting drunk, skipping classes, and playing Halo. It’s also about playing the grand old game (sometimes nine innings, sometimes seven) with aluminum bats and a mercy rule, to the general disinterest of 99% of the American population.

Today’s opening day for D-I schools (although my own Drury Panthers have been going at it for a week or two). Mizzou takes on Connecticut at noon. I assume that 2008 MLB draft rising star Aaron Crow will get the start.

But really, this whole season is about one man: Pedro Alvarez. Get to know him.

For all your NCAA baseball needs, go here. I assume at some point they will have a scoreboard up. If not, it’s no wonder that college baseball is far, far behind college hoops and football in the hearts and minds of the American public.


sir said...

Oh my God, it's Aaron Crow! Oh my God, it's mah blah blah!

Shaddup, ya testicle!!!

The Good Face said...

HMW points out that you can find stats and a scoreboard at http://www.ncaa-baseball.com/.