I'm getting a gun

As I watched the ending of yesterdays UNC/ Duke matchup many thing were going through my head: I LOVE BEATING DUKE, we've won the ACC regular season title, we've stopped our losing streak, and then it happened....

Billy Packer is the dumbest human being on the face of the earth....I knew this already but I think he put the exclamation point on it right there! Duke showed their true colors yesterday, Roy was way to calm for the situation. Since nobody in Tar Heel nation is stepping up, I'm getting a gun and going to Durham....who's coming with me?

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Dallas J. Hawk said...

I laughed my ass up when he got jacked in the face, that was great. It is too bad there wasn't a big fight because there some players on Duke that need to get punched in face as well(Paulus, McBob). I still don't understand why the starting players were still in the game with only 17 seconds left because the game was long over. Oh well they both will be home before the end of the first weekend anyway.