Extra Mo' Lina!

Look at the awesomeness of that picture. I love it.

First, you've got playoff hero Yadi Molina showing his 3 inch vert in celebration of the Cardinals' victory. Then you've got Cardinal killer Carlos Beltran giving his shoulder a short break from all that bat-resting he was doing on strike three. For good measure, you toss in a big punchout from the ump. Oh, and the best part is ALLLL the distraught Mets fans in the background. Eat that Mets fans, enjoy the World Series from your living rooms again.

I really hope someone at the Fox network reads this, because I would like to pitch a new show to them: "Crushed Souls of Mets Fans." All they have to do is pan the crowd from the end of last night's game and I'd watch it every week. Cubs fans, Philly fans...you know you'd watch that too. And I damn well know that Yankee fans would watch it and probably tivo it to watch it again. 30 minutes every week. It would be right up there with 24, trust me Fox.

As for the game, there couldn't have been a better game seven. From the start everyone knew that both teams had to take advantage of any chance they were given. This was baseball at its finest. I will admit that it was very agonizing to watch, and I think my heart rate was over 200 a couple times while the Mets were batting; but this was an unbelievable finish to a great series.

Game seven really reminded me of the Rams-Titans Super Bowl. Tons of drama, tons of frustration, and incredible finishes. For Cardinal Nation, this was our World Series. Looking ahead to Detroit, it doesn't look great. But seeing how three weeks ago, a lot of fans were openly rooting for this team to not make the playoffs (and make the owners open their pocketbooks in the offseason), this is the time to celebrate. The Cardinals have come a long way from where they were in late September.

I could go into a long recap and break down the managerial strategies, but I'll just say a few things:

-Hell of a catch by Endy Chavez. One of the best playoff catches of all time, and no one may ever remember it because the Mets lost.

-Jeff Suppan is clutch. I hope he stays in town next year, but wouldn't blame him for going to the highest bidder. His value is at an all time high, and he is going to cash in on a three-year deal somewhere. We've got him for at least one more game, so let's win it!

-I'm glad Tony LaRussa stuck with Wainwright for the final out. No one would have blamed him if he brought in Tyler Johnson to turn Beltran around (and God forbid face Delgado). But big ups to Tony for sticking with the closer for the final out. By the way, it is a great feeling to have a closer right now who comes in...and you know the game is over. We don't have that feeling when Izzy comes in, but right now when Wainwright enters, you know a W is in the books.

Celebrate this victory Cardinal fans--don't worry about work Friday, no one's going to get anything done anyway. The only thing I'm going to do is simulate the World Series on RBI Baseball and base my prediction on that. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tune in Saturday for game one!

"See this guy lose his will to live, tonight after The O.C.!"

Come on Fox, make it happen.

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