It's a Beautiful Day Here at RFK

I don't think the couple pictured would be able to get away with this at the new Busch Stadium. In the immortal words of Harry Carey, "He kisses her on the strikes and she kisses him on the balls." Stolen from our friends at Deadspin.

I know I'm already going to Hell for even posting the picture, so let's go for broke. I think we should have a "Caption This Photo" contest in the comments for this one.


PornoMike said...

I told you Soriano would join the 40-40 club. Time to pay up bitch.

Anonymous said...

Wow the Nats blow!

Anonymous said...

guy: "you know honey, you're just not that much of a whore anymore."

girl: "i'll show you..."

Santa Claus said...

How about...I can't believe the moron who posted our picture has enough time to goof off on this blog and still work? D-O-R-K. Grow up.