Wheelin' and Dealin'

The stage is set, and as he walks to the podium, Walt Jocketty is seen smiling and giving the thumbs up to Tony LaRussa. Jocketty taps on the mic. "We got him! We did it." It was finally uncle Walts turn to shine. The same GM that has traded TJ Mathews for Mark McGwire, Bud Smith for Scott Rolen, Kent Bottenfield for Jim Edmonds, and saw Pujols to the majors has finally made his big move for the post season push. Yes!!! We got...

Preston Wilson? Since when have we been relegated to picking up the Astros scrap iron? Are we now the Cubs or Pirates? Wilson's stats in Ho-Town; .269/9/55. The next couple of weeks, while you're watching the Little League World Series, notice the stadium. They bumped the walls back a few feet this year to get ready for the LLWS's imminate move to Minute Maid. Wilson couldn't even get it out of Minute Maid into double digits (and yes, I realize that some of his jacks came on the road). I imagine Minute Maid being a glorified Northside Park in Alton. Granted, we don't pay jack for him, but we've seen how that's worked out for Jeff Weaver. Fifty-Fifty, some good and a whole lot of bad. And what can we expect from Mini-Mookie? I'd say 25-75. Not RBI/HR, but groundouts and backward K's.

Google "Preston Wilson" and you get this shipwreck

Chris Duncan has looked pretty damn good lately. Probably this year's John Rodriguez/Bo Hart/Skip Schumaker/Rick Ankiel/Bud Smith award winner (which means he'll be in Memphis next year). Duncan has been the only thing that is consistant other than that our pitching will suck.

So here's the Cards moves to push into the playoffs; Ronnie "Beer Me" Belliard, Jeff Weaver, and Preston Wilson. On a team that needs pitching like Snoop needs chronic, we passed to the left. Nice job Walt. In a move that might be controversial, I wouldn't playa hate if the Cards signed Kerry Wood after the Cubs cut him loose. I'm always up for screwing the Cubs. See you in Jupiter.

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Dallas J. Hawk said...

That is one homer for Wilson in one game. Let's hope you put the Pelegrino curse on him.