Sorry Tony, Justin, and all Notre Dame fans. It looks like this season was not meant to be, even though you guys haven't played a game yet. You are on the cover of SI this week, killing your chance at a National Title.

But wait! There is some hope! Before you continue cursing, I'll let you know that this is part of a six cover college football preview, distributed regionally. The other 5 teams are (the) Ohio State, Texas, LSU, USC, and the always dangerous West Virginia.

There is something that you should worry about, though. All three men on the cover above (S Tom Zbikowski, QB Brady Quinn, and LB Travis Thomas) shave their arms and legs. I would expect that from wideout Jeff Samardzija because of his Cubs connection, but not these guys.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shaun for ruining the season before it starts. SI works quick; Thomas just moved to LB maybe 10 days ago. He was Darius Walker's backup. I guess I'll have to sacrifice my Autry Denson jersey in a seiance to get rid of the SI curse.

Dallas J. Hawk said...

It was going to be very hard for Notre Dame to win the title before now the SI jinx. I will let you all know now that West Virginia will be in the National Championship game.