MySpace Race #2

This week's MySpace Race takes us into the world of fast food icons. I have been known to consume a fast food burger here and there, and would even go as far as saying that I'm an expert on the food industry as a whole. Two of my favorite fast food "restaurants" happen to have prominent pages on MySpace: Jack in the Box and Burger King.

A couple weeks ago I tested the dedication that both restaurants have to one of their loyal customers. I will say that I am definitely partial to Jack in the Box, as I go there quite often. So my hopes were high that Jack wouldn't let me down.

A little background on both sites: Jack in the Box has over 125,000 friends, so it is pretty obvoious that I'm not the only one who loves Jumbo Jacks and two tacos (among tons of other great menu items). Burger King counters with nearly 77,000 friends. Still pretty good, but he's no Jack.

Oh wait, speaking of Jack...the Burger King page lets you download 2 episodes of one of bertflex.com's favorite shows: 24. You can download Season 1, episode 1 or Season 5, episode 1 for free. Pretty cool feature from The King.

Both sites have fun pictures of Jack and The King, with the best one being Jack playing a little game of poker seen here.

Onto the race. After submitting friend requests for these fast food foes, I waited anxiosly to see who would jump at the possibility of calling me their "friend."

A few hours went by and I checked to see if I had any new friends. I'm not even sure why I was worried about a slow response from the Jack in the Box crew. They justified my loyalty to them by being quick on the draw, beating Burger King by about a day.

You can view this week's winner Jack Box here.

Tune in next time for another exciting MySpace Race!

*update to last week's race: I am still not Anthony Reyes' friend, as it is still pending.

If you would like to submit your MySpace Race please send an email (including the results) to me. I'd rather let you do all the work, but if necessary, I'll do it for you.

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