MySpace Race #1

Over half of the contributors to this site have MySpace accounts, utilizing it to catch up with friends, meet new people, and/or for posting pictures of themselves in drunken situations.

A lot of people take having their own personal site very seriously and divulge tons of useless information about themselves, including blogs, surveys, and the previously mentioned photos. I mean, who really cares about you telling the world what crazy things you do with your friends--why take the time to write a blog about it and post pictures? Luckily, that doesn't happen on this site...

I personally feel that MySpace is one of the best internet ideas ever, and with over 91 million pages, it is easy to see why the creator sold it for $500 million to Rupert Murdoch and his crew of flunkies.

But the whole MySpace story can be told another time. The point of this post is to have a little fun with some MySpace sites through friendly competition.

For this "race," I clicked on the page of Francisco Liriano (Twins rookie pitcher) and pitted him against Cardinals rookie Anthony Reyes. I'd like to mention that I'm pretty sure neither page is officially maintained by these players, but I have heard that Anthony Reyes' brother does his. So technically this race (and post) is pointless because I won't have direct contact with either player, but I can still have my fun anyway, right?

It does give me the chance to show this picture, though. The faded dude on the left holds the future of our pitching staff in his right arm (and, coincedently, the beer).

I asked both to be my "friends" around midnight on Friday night, July 7th and sat back and watched who would reply first. The winner gets nothing except a little more respect from me. And as an interesting side note, they both pitched on Saturday--Reyes got a no decision against the Astros, while Liriano shut out the Rangers.

When I checked my page late on Saturday night, I noticed I had one more friend than the day before. Who would it be? Well, I'll just say that it was disappointing coming from this Cardinals fan that Mr. Reyes is a little slow with his mouse, at least on the weekends.

You can view the page of this week's champion, Frankie Liriano, here.

Tune in next time for the Jack in the Box vs. Burger King showdown.

If you would like to submit your MySpace Race please send an email (including the results) to: shaunfanclub@hotmail.com. He would rather let you do all the work, but if necessary, he will do it for you.

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Anonymous said...

Lirano's site is funny because people actually think it's him. Wouldn't you put pictures up other than you in a uniform? That has to be Reyes' bro (aka Paperback Zero) smashed.