Whoa-Man Crush?

A term that is gaining momentum in popular culture is the "Man Crush". Most guys I know, at least those who follow sports, have a man crush on some athlete and I'm no exception. I've had a man crush on Roy Oswalt for years now. Josh's want for a torrid non-affair with Jake Peavy has been well documented and ridiculed by most of his "friends". I think Shaun is developing feelings for David Wright this season. As modern guys, we've been able to talk about (read: berate each other about) our unhealthy fascination with our chosen ballplayers and I'm sure we're all a little more comfortable about it now. However, over the last week I've been developing a new crush that may take everything to a whole new level. I'm almost afraid to post this in case Roy somehow finds out that I've moved on. My new man crush is on...

Cat Osterman.

That's right, I have a man crush on a chick. If you were watching the Women's College World Series you would too. Against Arizona State on June 1st, Cat set a WCWS record by striking out 18 hitters in a 7 inning one hitter. Oh yeah, she also did the same thing twice during the Regional round of the WCWS.

Her line so far in the WCWS: 6 Games, 41 IP, 0 ER, 97 K, 10 H.

Her season numbers: 38-2, 0.35, 273 IP, 608 K, 72 H, 14 ER

Her career numbers: 136-23, 0.49, 1092 IP, 2243 K, 342 H, 77 ER

20 No-hitters, 10 Perfect Games, All-time K leader, 3 time Player of the Year.

This photo was Cat's reaction to finding out that she is my new man crush... or not.

She takes the circle again tonight at 6pm tonight against Arizona on ESPN2. Assuming her Longhorns make it to the finals, those games will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm on ESPN2.

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