Fake Invitation of the Day

You Are Invited!

This Sunday come on over to Chad Johnson's house in suburban Cincinatti for some playoff action! It promises to be a huge event as Chad said in his press conference yesterday:

CJ: "Yea I got some big things lined up fo' ya. Some barbeque, some football, some women. Chad gots what you want, man. Oh and when we play some backyard football...and WHEN I score a touchdown...be ready for the greatest celebration of all time. The GREATEST! Ever. EVER!"

reporter: "Can we have a hint about your end zone dance, Chad?"

CJ: "You want a hint? Aight...Imma be barbequing right? Grillmaster. Tongs. Kiss the Cook? Lighter fluid! That's probably giving too much away...aight here's another hint (whispers): napkins, bitches."

reporter: "What?"

CJ: "I can't tell you any more. Just be there, you'll see. And bring a side dish, cracka!"

"I got my coaches in a heaaadlock..."

1 comment:

big sandwich said...

Me and Chad gonna go get some grillz.

"with the whole top diamond and the bottom row gold"

big sandwich