Puttin' on the foil coach

I'm spending this afternoon lounging on the couch, fighting a massive food hangover from Christmas. I'm way too lazy to unwrap any of my new DVD's, so I find myself channel surfing. I stumble upon AMC (American Movie Classics) and I do a double-take because somebody has dropped the ball, or puck in this case. AMC is usually on point with great movies, most recently they have played Dazed and Confused, and I love their horror movie marathons at Halloween time. Today they are showing Slap Shot 2................. let that sink in. Not the original Slap Shot with Paul Newman, which is a classic, but Slap Shot 2 starring Stephen Baldwin. This should be an automatic red flag for the people at AMC; any movie starring Stephen Baldwin shouldn't even be let into the building, let alone played on-air and deemed a CLASSIC. This deeply offends me because I am a huge fan of the original. Who can forget the Hanson brothers standing at the redline completely bloody from a pre-game melee with the other team, Ogie Ogilthorpe, and more use of the F-word than any other sports movie in history. If your cable channel is named American Movie Classics you have to have a standard; by playing Slap Shot 2 they have opened the floodgates for other sub-par sports movies including: Caddyshack 2, Space Jam, and we can't leave out D3: The Mighty Ducks. Like I said before, AMC is usually on point with good movies so I'm not going to completely write them off yet, but I have given them a new moniker -AMC, putting the "ass" in classics.

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robdogg42000 said...

D3 ha, remember when we ran the "flying v" playing football behind Bryan's house.