fake rumor of the day

After the Red Sox announced they will go with co-GM's, the Yankees are considering a three man rotation in the GM office--Brian Cashman, Derek Jeter, and Dennis Miller.

Miller, the infamous "3rd man" on Monday Night Football four years ago, could be given a second chance to redeem himself by making trades and free agent signings for the most storied franchise in baseball history.

Instead of letting him comment on this decision, we asked him to comment on a previous quote that he made (found via google search):

"In the elaborate wardrobe of human emotions, guilt is the itchy wool turtleneck that's three sizes too small. Guilt may be difficult to articulate, but when it surfaces, it's as unwelcome and distinct as Jethro Bodine in the lobby of an Ian Shraeger hotel."

He had no comment on that comment. Neither do we.

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