24 with justin rohour

the following quote was said by justin between the hour of 7pm and 8pm:

"I've got a good buzz going...let's go get some food, &$#@*!!!"

the following drink was guzzled multiple times by justin between the hours of 8pm and 11pm (conservative estimates):


the following picture was taken between the hour of 9pm and 10pm:

justin (the one holding the beer) pointing out tony's college bowl pick'em failure

the following picture was taken between 10pm and 11pm:

"Santa? Santa's my dogg."

the following phrase was blurted out by justin on the way to the parking lot between 11pm and 11:05pm:

"SHUT UP BITCH!" (directed to anyone who was listening)

the following picture was taken between 11:05pm and 11:15pm:

(exhibit A shows a plastic parrot that justin stole off the trunk of someone's car. don't ask.)



big sandwich said...

Let's not forget that I willed Rudy Carpenter to throw the game winning touchdown.

Annie Fresh said...

Justin, you're my hero. Fight the good fight!