Take your vitamins and say your prayers

This is officially my first submission to the groundbreaking site known lovingly as Bertflex. We are supposed to keep our material geared towards sports and the sporting world. This is a post about the retarded cousin of sports a.k.a. professional fake wrastlin' and the tragedy that has befallen it........again. Let the record show that I do not actively participate in the act of watching wrastlin'. Although ,when I was 9, I religiously watched the WWF on Sundays after church, almost as if it were an extension of that morning's service. Over a week ago Eddie Guerrero or "Latino Heat" ,as he was fondly called, was found dead in his hotel room. Death is no stanger to the world of wrastlin': Owen Hart plunging to his demise in Kansas City, and of course Andre the Giant who choked to death after trying to eat Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. I'm cringing right now, thinking of all the "rednecks" I'll be seeing at the mall wearing the obligatory R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero t-shirts. I personally believe Eddies death is a sham, purpetrated by none other than Vince "the word -shame- is not in my dictionary" McMahon. This is just the beginning of a great storyline that should carry WWE into the new year. I can just see it now Wrestlemania 53, or whatever one they're up to now, the "ghost" of Latino Heat will come back to take on "insert current heavyweight champion here" for the belt. Pay-per-view will never be the same. If you are a follower of wrastlin' and you are seething right now upon reading this, I don't care because you are not important. Peace.

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Dallas J. Hawk said...

I thought this was a sports site and wrastlin is not a sport. Please try again. Thanks!