Brackets! Get Your Brackets Here!

The Regional Previews are out so now it's time to release the brackets. Click the image below to get your own printable version of the Tournament Bracket so that you can play along at home. See if your opinions of the greatest things in the world jive with the opinions of our expert panel.

The potential Sweet 16 matchups I'm personally looking forward to are:

Hazelwood Regional
Wiffleball vs. 500-ft Homers
Taunting vs. Slam Dunk Contest

Woodson Terrace Regional
Tucker's Place vs. Reclining Chairs
RBI Baseball vs. Big-ass TV's

Alton Regional
Nintendo vs. Making it Rain
College Life vs. Grand Theft Auto

Natural Bridge Regional
Fantasy Drafts vs. Anchorman Quotes
Buffets vs. Barbeque

Take a look and post your bracketology in the comments. Tell us which matchups you're most excited about seeing as the tournament continues...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nintendo vs. making it rain??

so are you calling 'making it rain' over 'poop' in a gargantuan upset?

and based on it's first round performance, i think 'college life' has a smooth ride to the elite eight.